Activities and Events
Each month, members receive our chapter newsletter and a calendar of events, which includes activities and outings to local attractions, Moms Night Out, Park Days, and events at members' homes. Our club also arranges playgroups based on children's ages---kids closer in age share developmental milestones and form tighter friendships! While most playdates take place at members' homes or at parks, it is up to the playgroup to decide where to meet.

In addition, our monthly general meeting provides the opportunity to take care of club business, socialize as a group, and even host speakers or topic-oriented discussions for both moms and kids. In the past, these have included financial advisors speaking on retirement and college savings, a local police officer talking about safety, a dental hygienist, and talks on nutrition for kids.

Providing a Little Sunshine
In our effort to support our fellow moms, we take turns (on a volunteer basis) providing hot meals for moms who have just had babies, are ill, or are experiencing hardships.

Service Projects
The MOMS Club organizes a variety of service projects throughout the year to support mothers and children. Over the past year we have conducted a food drive for a local food bank, collected baby bottles of spare change for a local home for mothers in need, helped make sandwiches for the homeless, helped build a local all-access playground, and adopted a family in need for the Holidays.We have also visited an adult day care center, raised money for Pathways PA by selling our own cookbook with our MOMS recipes. We look for a variety of projects for children to participate in and 'give back'.

As a club, we take the opportunity to help support those in need, and we welcome your feedback, time and suggestions in supporting different charitable initiatives.